Personalization of Power and Mass Uprisings in Dictatorships
British Journal of Political Science (with John Chin and Joseph Wright) 

Reshaping the Threat Environment: Personalism, Coups, and Assassinations
Comparative Political Studies (with John Chin, Abel Escriba-Folch, and Joseph Wright)

Dictators, Personalized Security Forces, and Coups
International Interactions


Autocratic Regime Formation by Armed Rebels and Subsequent Regime Stability
Peace Studies (in Korean)


The North Korean Autocracy in a Comparative Perspective
Journal of East Asian Studies (with Joseph Wright)

In Progress

Chinese PLA Security Support and Coup-proofing in Neighboring Autocracies (with Joseph Wright)

Network Shutdowns during Mass Uprisings in Dictatorships (with Taegyoon Kim)

The Political Consequences of Leader Assassination (with John Chin, Abel Escriba-Folch, and Joseph Wright)

Defect or Splinter? Coup-proofing and Military Behavior during Mass Uprisings (with John Chin and Joseph Wright)